My Brother Duane,

Please let me know when your audiobook/ebook is published for sale, I would like to promote it on my Facebook and Instagram pages.

I loved your entire story as well as the meaning and the lessons behind the story. Anything is possible when we have the Lord in the center of our hearts and lives 🙂

Have a blessed day my brother,

Rodney Ronquillo 🙂
Hi Duane:
I really enjoyed your prologue (I’ve listened to it twice already).
It is wonderful – a professional theatrical voice production (very
heart-touching and soul-searching). Loved it!! Congratulations…..
and looking forward to the book and maybe who knows, maybe a
screenplay/film…. Congratulations again….and and yes, we hear
you loud and clear that the “human spirit triumphs again!”

Carolyn Janisé
Greetings Duane,

Reflecting after listening to your prologue on yesterday’s evening….
“This is a “must” listen to audiobook by Duane Parham. It’s a historical, enlightening, powerful and impactful experience for everyone. The story draws you to visualize the actual action being shared throughout the entire experience”! ~

Dr. Minetta Hare
This is a masterful and vivid portrayal of epic proportions of Duane Parham’s great grandparents as well as his mother and father. It has an autobiographic flavor to it. Moreover, it gives startling, real true life history of courage, bravery and overcoming power to a people enslaved, yet determined to be free. I honor their Spirit and so will you as you listen to this audio prologue to the upcoming audio book and DVD. All of his great grandparents and his mother and father have made their transitions. They are at rest with the ancestors. Yes, in his brilliance and generational soul teachings, Duane chronicles these events and the listener is right there viewing the happenings. It is educational as this history is not taught in school It must be passed on family to family.

I await excitedly for the continuation of the stories to come in the music in the DVD. Truly, this amazing portrayal gives RISE to you for, you will be exalted mentally and spiritually when you partake of this masterpiece.
Helen Hannon

Mr. Parham:

I have listened to the narrated version of your audio book at least 3 times. It’s addictive and I can’t wait until it’s completed. The order of events as you told them take you right along with the narrator as if you were right there.

The detailed description of the events painted a very vivid and, realistic picture of the times as if you are watching a movie. (Just close your eyes!)

The thing I loved most above all are the religious depictions of their complete faith in God that was displayed throughout!!!!

This version in audio book format is excellent because it allows you to enjoy the book without having any vision issues and allows you to enjoy the story in its entirety.

Thank you for asking me to give you my opinion and I can’t wait until the entire book is available.
Janice Slappy, President, EAS.Inc