• Mission Statement
    E.A.M.T Radio

    The mission of Educational Arts Music & Talk Radio, is to place the music of today’s youth, accomplished musicians and the Motown “sound” on a world stage 24/7, and feature a variety of talk show hosts that promote education, history and entertainment. Having a radio station that shoulders such a responsibility is not an easy task, but we . . . at “EAMT – The Place 2 Be!” are honored to do so.

    Musically Yours
    CEO Walter Duane Parham II

  • Mission Statement
    E.A.S. Inc.

    Motivating aspiring young artists in developing a professional and artistic skill-set in art, music and theater, while increasing self-esteem, self-discipline, confidence and responsibility.

    We Appreciate Your Tax-Deductible Donation. Please help us put an instrument in the hands of the youth at www.EaszMusic.org

  • Mission Statement
    UMME Federation of Protégés

    The Mission of The UMME Federation of Protégés is to preserve the memory of the great Motown Musicians whose backs we are riding on, and to keep their memories and teachings alive through the young, indelible minds of generations of kids to come!

    Walter Duane Parham II
    President, CEO

  • Motown Ambassadors

    The inception of The Motown Ambassadors grew out of a “musical need” to enhance the image of Detroit—a city in crisis. After Saxophonist Duane Parham wrote the song Detroit City is Coming Back, musicians and singers from the Metropolitan Area donated there time and talent to bring the project to fruition. Under the “watchful eyes” of Vocalist Pat Lewis who arranged the background vocals and Co-Producer Carl “Butch” Small and over 200 entertainers, musicians and Motown Legendary singing groups walked into the studio to get the job done! Spiritual wisdom and an abundance of participation enabled Parham to record the song in over 26 genres.

  • SaxVille Avenue, The Record Label

    Expresskit for Duane Parham